Bird and Bird v Wakefield Metropolitan Borough Council: 1976

The underlying scheme to be disregarded when calculating compensation on a compulsory purchase need not, as a matter of law, be confined to the area of land compulsorily acquired or to the specific purposes of the CPO. The acquisition may be only a small part of the underlying scheme. Browne LJ: ‘It is true that [the scheme] did not provide for the compulsory acquisition of any land for industrial development. I do not, however, think it necessary for the scheme to provide for the acquisition; it is enough that it ‘underlies’ it.’


Browne LJ, Shaw LJ and Megaw LJ


(1976) 33 PandCR 478


DevelopedPointe Gourde Quarrying and Transport Co Ltd v Sub-Intendant of Crown Lands PC 29-Jul-1947
Under a wartime agreement in 1941 the UK government agreed to lease to the US Government land in Trinidad on which the US could establish a naval base. To do this the Crown acquired the Pointe Gourde land for its limestone quarry which would be used . .

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CitedBolton Metropolitan Borough Council v Tudor Properties Ltd and Others CA 19-Apr-2000
The court had to consider the compensation to be awarded on the compulsory purchase of land.
Held: The appeal failed. The tribunal had not erred in ascertaining the extent of the underlying scheme. In deciding that, they were entitled to have . .
CitedWaters and others v Welsh Development Agency HL 29-Apr-2004
Land was to be compulsorily purchased. A large development required the land to be used to create a nature reserve. The question was how and if at all the value of the overall scheme should be considered when assessing the compensation for this . .
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