Beloit Technologies Inc and Another v Valmet Paper Machinery Inc and Another: ChD 12 May 1995

The judge urged that the Convention should be incorporated into English law without rephrasing difficult clauses: ‘it helps no-one for the Parliamentary draftsman to re-write matter in a treaty or convention (or EU directive for that matter) which is to be implemented in the United Kingdom. If the language of the basic document is obscure or less than complete it makes things worse if the Parliamentary draftsman tries to ‘clarify’ it in some other words. Where he does, he simply causes extra complications (and therefore legal uncertainty and costs) . . The point at which obscurities should be avoided is in the underlying international document. If they are unfortunately there, it is too late for our Parliamentary draftsman to help and the problem must be left for industry to pay for in the courts. The particular question here is a typical example of what could be avoided by simply adopting the language of the underlying document as it stands.’


Jacob J


Times 12-May-1995, [1995] RPC 705


Patents Act 1977 6(1)

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The Directive required member states to exempt from VAT, services involving the provision of insurance, and for intermediaries. Following the Regulator’s involvement, the principal company had to arrange for the checking of existing policies, and . .
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Synthon filed an international application for a patent. Before it was published, SB filed a similar application in the UK patents registry. Synthon had applied for the UK patent granted to SB to be revoked. Jacob J had found that the reader of the . .
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The claimants sought to amend their claim which had previously been on the basis of a joint ownership, to one of sole ownership.
Held: The application for the amendment being made more han two years after the grant, the amendment could not be . .
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