Beckford v Beckford: PC 28 Apr 1783

A. by will devises all his estates to his eldest son in tail male, with remainders over ; part of the property consisted of an estate in Jamaica, and therefore the testator added the following clause: ‘ And E recommend to my executors, that all sugars, rum, and other plantation produce that is sent to the port of London, be consigned to the house of Collet, Evans, and Co. until such time as any of my sons shall set up in the business of a sugar factor ; then my desire is, that the consignment may pass through his or their hands.’
C. a natural son of the testator’s, set up the business of a sugar factor, during the minority of the devisee, and accordingly got the consignments upon the devisee’s coming of age, C. accounted with him, but insisted on being entitled to his commission not only upon the produce which he had actually sold, but also upon the produce which had been consigned to him, but was not then arrived in the port of London. Held, that the words of the above clause were not imperative, or amounted to words of bequest in favour of C. but were recommendatory only. Held also, that C: was entitled to a commission only upon what he had actually sold, and not upon what was only consigned, but not delivered to him.


[1783] EngR 64, (1783) 4 Bro PC 38, (1783) 2 ER 26





Wills and Probate, Agency

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