Barclay’s Bank Plc v Varenka Goff: CA 3 May 2001

The respondent executed an all monies charge over her property to secure the liability of companies in which she had no direct interest. The bank insisted that she employ solicitors to give her independent advice. The bank sought to enforce its security, and she claimed it was signed under undue influence, of which the bank was fixed with constructive notice. The bank appealed successfully against the order setting aside the charge. Although the bank were fixed with constructive notice of the undue influence, the employment of the independent solicitor was sufficient to discharge that constructive notice. That was only disapplied where no competent solicitor could have advised the wife to enter into the transaction, and that did not apply in this case.

Lord Justice Pill, Lord Justice Mantell, and Lord Justice Buxton
Gazette 17-May-2001, [2001] EWCA Civ 635, [2001] Lloyds Rep Bank 189, [2001] NPC 88, [2001] 2 All ER (Comm) 847
England and Wales
Disapproved in part (at 705)Royal Bank of Scotland v Etridge, Loftus and Another v Etridge and Another, Etridge v Pritchard Englefield (Merged With Robert Gore and Co ) Midland Bank Plc v Wallace and Another (No 2) CA 31-Jul-1998
Detailed guidance was given on the quality of independent legal advice, which would be required to be given to wives signing charges to secure their husbands’ business etc accounts on the matrimonial home. The interaction of legal advice and . .
CitedMidland Bank Plc v Kidwai and Another CA 5-Jun-1995
A bank was not under a full duty to advise a wife of a business client of the risks of signing a charge. The bank was not giving independent advice. . .
CitedPortman Building Society v Dusangh and Others CA 19-Apr-2000
The defendant sought to set aside an order for possession under a mortgage.
Held: Where a case was strong enough on its face in terms of conduct and terms, unconscionable conduct could be inferred if there was no explanation offered to . .

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Undue Influence, Banking, Legal Professions

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