Bains and Others v Moore and Others: QBD 15 Feb 2017

The claimant anti-asbestos campaigners complained that the defendant investigators had infringed their various rights of privacy. They now sought discovery to support the claim.
Held: the contents of the witness statements do show that it is more than speculative that these Claimants could, if their recollection was prompted by seeing documents, formulate a claim with a sufficient prospect of success to go forward against the Second and Third Defendants, and it is in the interests of justice that the Claimants should be released from their undertaking in terms to be settled in the form of an order, so as to permit the Claimants’ solicitors to show to these individuals documents already disclosed by the First Defendant, and to be disclosed by the Second and Third Defendants pursuant to their offer.
References: [2017] EWHC 242 (QB)
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Judges: Sir Michael Tugendhat
Statutes: Data Protection Act 1998 13(3)
Jurisdiction: England and Wales
This case cites:

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