Bailey v Warre: CA 7 Feb 2006

The claimant had been severely injured in a road traffic accident. His claim was compromised and embodied in a court order, but later a question was raised as to whether he had had mental capacity at the time to make the compromise he had.
Held: The term ‘patient’ in this context had a meaning specific to the rules. A claimant could not become a patient within those rules until the commencement of the action. The compromise was valid and binding. In any event the actual agreement might well have been appropriate.


Ward LJ, Arden LJ, Hallett LJ


[2006] EWCA Civ 51, Times 20-Feb-2006




Civil Procedure Rules 821.1


England and Wales


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If the approval of the litigation friend is required and it appears that the litigation friend is acting unreasonably in withholding his consent, steps can be taken to remove him and appoint another litigation friend in his place. . .
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