Bailey and Another v Angove’s Pty Ltd: SC 27 Jul 2016

The defendant had agreed to act as the claimant’s agent and distributor of the claimant’s wines in the UK. It acted both as agent and also bought wines on its own account. When the defendant went into litigation the parties disputed the right of the defedant to collect outstanding siums. The court was asked two questions: ‘The first is: in what circumstances will the law treat the authority of an agent as irrevocable. The other is whether the receipt of money at a time when the recipient knows that imminent insolvency will prevent him from performing the corresponding obligation, can give rise to liability to account as a constructive trustee.’ At first instance the court had decided that the authority to collect sums was revoked upon service of the notice terminaing the agreement, but the Court of Appeal decided in its favour.
Held: The appeal was allowed. The agent;s authority was determined imediately. It did not have sufficient interest under the contract to have authority to collect the unpaid sales invoices.

Lord Neuberger, President, Lord Clarke, Lord Sumption, Lord Carnwath, Lord Hodge
[2016] UKSC 47, UKSC 2014/0106, [2016] WLR(D) 455, [2016] 1 WLR 3179
Bailii, Bailii Summary, SC, SC Summary, SC Summ Vid, WLRD
Powers of Attorney Act 1971 4(1)
England and Wales
At first instanceBailey and Another v Angove’s PTY Limited ChD 2013
The liquidator of the company sought a declaration that sums received by the defendant sales agents on behalf of the insolvent company were to be paid out to the liquidators in full. The court was asked whether the payments by DWL and PLB made after . .
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Appeal fromBailey and Another v Angove’s Pty Ltd CA 7-Mar-2014
The parties disputed the payment out of sums held by the company’s liquidators under an undertaking given by them. Their case was that if DandD (agents for the insolvent company) acted in the relevant respects as agents, their authority to collect . .
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Approprietary remedy against Fraudulent Agent
The Court was asked whether a bribe or secret commission received by an agent is held by the agent on trust for his principal, or whether the principal merely has a claim for equitable compensation in a sum equal to the value of the bribe or . .

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