AXA General Insurance Limited v Gottlieb: CA 11 Feb 2005

The defendant made a claim under an insurance policy. The insurer made an interim payment, but then asserted that the claim was fraudulent, and sought recovery of the interim payment.
Held: At common law, fraud in an insurance claim, once established, affected the entire claim. The whole claim was forfeit, and the interim payment was repayable. However, there is no basis or reason for giving the common law rule relating to fraudulent claims a retrospective effect on prior, separate claims which have already been settled under the same policy before any fraud occurs: ‘the proper scope of the common law rule relating to fraudulent insurance claims is to forfeit the whole of the claim to which the fraud relates, with the effect that the consideration for any interim payments made on that claim fails and they are recoverable.’

Lord Justice Pill Lord Justice Keene Lord Justice Mance
[2005] EWCA Civ 112, Times 03-Mar-2005, [2005] 1 All ER (Comm) 445)
England and Wales
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If part of an insurance claim is shown to be fraudulent, the entire claim is avoided. . .
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