Avon Finance Co Ltd v Bridger: CA 1985

The son arranged finance for his parents to move near to him. He borrowed money to help finance it, secured by an expensive second loan. He deceived his parents into executing the loan. After the son defaulted, the plaintiff sought possession.
Held: The parents had signed the charge without exercising reasonable care, and their plea of non est factum failed. However the charge was voidable in equity. The plaintiff lender had appointed the son to act as their agents to secure the signatures of the parents and to their disadvantage. The finance company should not be allowed to take advantage of their agent’s deceit.
Brandon LJ
[1985] 2 All ER 281, [1985] CLY 1289
England and Wales

  • Applied – Chaplin and Co Ltd v Brammall CA 1908
    The plaintiffs, having agreed to supply goods to the defendant’s husband on credit if his wife would guarantee payment by him of their price, sent to the husband a form of guarantee, in order that he might obtain his wife’s signature to it, leaving . .
    [1908] 1 KB 233, 97 LT 860
  • Cited – Saunders (Executrix of the Will of Rose Maude Gallie, Deceased) v Anglia Building Society HL 9-Nov-1970
    The Appellant had signed an assignment of her lease in favour of her nephew. She said she thought the effect of it would protect her right to continue to live in the house. She now appealed rejection of her plea of non est factum.
    Held: The . .
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  • Distinguished – Lloyds Bank plc v Bundy CA 1974
    ‘Broadchalke is one of the most pleasing villages in England. Old Herbert Bundy, the defendant, was a farmer there. His home was at Yew Tree Farm. It went back for 300 years. His family had been there for generations. It was his only asset. But he . .
    [1975] QB 326, [1974] 3 All ER 757

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  • Cited – Barclays Bank Plc v O’Brien and Another HL 21-Oct-1993
    The wife joined in a charge on the family home to secure her husband’s business borrowings. The husband was found to have misrepresented to her the effect of the deed, and the bank had been aware that she might be reluctant to sign the deed.
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