Assange v The Swedish Prosecution Authority: SC 30 May 2012

The defendant sought to resist his extradition under a European Arrest Warrant to Sweden to face charges of sexual assaults. He said that the prosecutor who sought the extradition was not a judicial authority within the Framework Decision.
Held: The appeal failed (Lord Mance dissenting). The term ‘judicial authority’ had a range of meanings. Under previous law a request might have been made, as here, by a prosecutor. Though the Framework decision had altered as it progressed through the legislative process, the original French phrase of the adopted document clearly included a prosecutorial authority. Pepper v Hart could not be used to allow the court to look to discussions prior to enactment to assist in interpretation of the Act.
Lord Mance said that the presumption that Parliament intends to give effect to international obligations is always subject to the will of Parliament as expressed in the language of the statute. In this case, the correct interpretation of ‘judicial authority’ in the Framework Decision, a question of EU law, was far from certain. If Parliament wanteded to restrict the power to issue EAWs to judges or courts, that would not have required a deliberate intention to legislate inconsistently with the Framework Decision. As the words in the statute were ambiguous, it was appropriate to have regard to ministerial statements, and those statements showed that repeated assurances were given that an issuing judicial authority would have to be a court, judge or magistrate.
Lord Phillips said that: ‘under the scheme of the Framework Decision the safeguard against the inappropriate issue of an EAW lies in the process antecedent to the issue of the EAW.’

Lord Phillips, President, Lord Walker, Lady Hale, Lord Brown, Lord Mance, Lord Kerr, Lord Dyson
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