Arthur J S Hall and Co (A Firm) v Simons etc: CA 14 Dec 1998

The court considered the limits on liability for professional negligence for lawyers in conduct associated with litigation, but outside the courtroom.
Held: Though the court must balance the need for protection against negligence by lawyers with the need to avoid re-litigation of issues settled by courts, case law dictates some exemptions, but these must be limited and any doubt resolved against the practitioner.


Lord Bingham of Cornhill LCJ, Mottitt LJ, Waller LJ


Times 18-Dec-1998, [1998] EWCA Civ 1943, [1999] 3 WLR 873, [1998] EWCA Civ 3539, [1999] 1 FLR 536, [1999] PNLR 374, [1999] 2 FCR 193, [1998] NPC 162, [1999] Fam Law 215, [1999] Lloyd’s Rep PN 47


Bailii, Bailii, Bailii


England and Wales

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Appeal fromArthur JS Hall and Co (A Firm) v Simons; Barratt v Woolf Seddon (A Firm); Harris v Schofield Roberts and Hill (A Firm) HL 20-Jul-2000
Clients sued their solicitors for negligence. The solicitors responded by claiming that, when acting as advocates, they had the same immunities granted to barristers.
Held: The immunity from suit for negligence enjoyed by advocates acting in . .
CitedWorldwide Corporation Limited v Marconi Communications Ltd (Formerly Gpt Limited) and Gpt (Middle East) Limited CA 21-Jun-1999
Counsel, giving assurances in open court on behalf of his client, bound that client. This applied even though counsel might have been negligent, and / or might, in turn, be immune from suit. Courts must be able to rely, and act, upon assurances . .
CitedWorldwide Corporation Limited v Marconi Communications Limited (Formerly GPT Limited) and GPT (Middle East) Limited 22-Jun-1999
Application for leave to appeal. Original leading counsel had consented to the abandonment of parts of the claim. New leading counsel now sought to revive them.
Held: The claim had little prospect of success. Leave to appeal refused. . .
CitedXydhias v Xydhias CA 21-Dec-1998
The principles of contract law are of little use when looking at the course of negotiations in divorce ancillary proceedings. In the case of a dispute the court must use its own discretion to determine whether agreement had been reached. Thorpe LJ . .
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