Argosam Finance Co Ltd v Oxby (Inspector of Taxes): CA 1965

A company which dealt in shares issued an originating summons in the Chancery Division requesting a declaration as to the correct method of computing its income for the purposes of loss relief. The revenue challenged the proceedings as an abuse of process.
Held: The taxpayer’s appeal failed. The strike out by J Plowman was confirmed. The proceedings were an abuse of process. Lord Denning MR: ‘If the summons had been limited to question (a)-that is, to determine whether the company was entitled to relief under section 341 [of the Income Tax Act 1952]-I would agree that the courts would have no jurisdiction to determine it. The question is one which is entrusted by the legislature to the exclusive province of the commissioners, and the courts cannot entertain it. It falls within the decision of the House of Lords in Barraclough v Brown.’
References: [1965] Ch 390
Judges: Lord Denning MR
Jurisdiction: England and Wales
This case cites:

  • Cited – Barraclough v Brown HL 1897
    The 1889 Act gave statutory undertakers who had incurred expenditure in removing a sunken vessel a right ‘to recover such expenses from the owner of such vessel in a court of summary jurisdiction.’ the undertakers began their action in the High . .
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  • Cited – Autologic Holdings Plc and others v Commissioners of Inland Revenue HL 28-Jul-2005
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