Anderson (Inspector of Maybole Parish) v Paterson (Inspector of Irvine Parish): SCS 12 Jun 1878

A pauper child received parochial relief from the parish in which she was living at the time. Her father was an able-bodied man in another parish, but at the time when relief was first given he had no settlement in Scotland. After the father had acquired a residential settlement in that other parish, the inspector of poor in the parish which was affording relief gave the usual statutory notice of chargeability and a claim of relief to the inspector of poor in the parish of the father’s settlement, and intimated that the father, who still continued able-bodied, refused to maintain the child. In these circumstances the Court held that the parish where the father had a settlement, being the parish of settlement of the pauper at the date of the statutory notice, was liable to relieve the parish which had afforded relief of advances made after the date of the statutory notice.

[1878] SLR 15 – 620

Local Government, Benefits

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