AMP (UK) Plc and Another v Barker and Others: ChD 8 Dec 2000

The claimants were interested under a pension scheme. Alterations had been made, which the said had been in error, and they sought rectification to remove a link between early leaver benefits and incapacity benefits. The defendant trustees agreed that there had been a mistake, but chose not to correct it. The potential cost to the Scheme of such an increase in early leaver benefits would be enormous.
Held: When one is considering the intentions of a collective body such as a group of trustees it is their collective intention which is relevant. It would be a very odd case if that collective intention were not objectively manifested. The claimant had failed to show convincingly a continuing common intention by the Trustees to affect only incapacity benefits. Nevertheless, the employees were affected by the mistake, that the rectification sought would be effective. Rectification was therefore granted. There is a wide equitable jurisdiction to relieve from the consequences of mistake, and the court would have decided that this would have been an appropriate case for setting aside NPI’s consent for mistake.
Lawrence Collins J described the rule that rectification is not available if the mistake relates only to the consequences of the transaction or the advantages to be gained by entering into it as: ‘simply a formula designed to ensure that the policy involved in equitable relief is effectuated to keep it within reasonable bounds and to ensure that it is not used simply when parties are mistaken about the commercial effects of their transactions or have second thoughts about them. The cases certainly establish that relief may be available if there is a mistake as to law or the legal consequences of an agreement or settlement . . ‘


Mr Justice Lawrence Collins


HC 001897, [2000] EWHC Ch 42, [2001] OPLR 197, [2001] Pens LR 77




England and Wales


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Held: The appeal failed. The judge was right to conclude that an . .
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