Amon v Raphael Tuck and Sons Ltd: 1956

The court analysed the circumstances under which additional parties might be joined to an action by a defendant, applying a narrow interpretation. The court considered whether a defendant may be added against the parties’ wishes: ‘There are two views about its scope; an authority can be cited for both. One is that it gives a wide power to the court to join any party which has a claim which relates to the subject matter of the action . . If that is right, it really kills any submission about jurisdiction. The court is hardly likely in the exercise of its discretion to join as a party somebody who has no claim relating to the subject matter of the action: and if its powers extend to joining anyone who has, the question whether the particular intervenor should be joined becomes virtually one of discretion.’
Devlin J
[1956] 1 QB 357
Order 15 R13
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