Altonwood Ltd v Crystal Palace FC (2000) Ltd: ChD 7 Mar 2005

The landlord claimed arrears of rent and other payments due under the lease of the football ground occupied by the club. A licence had been granted for the accomodation to be shared with Wimbledon Football Club. The rent varied with the gate receipts, and side letters provided for sums payable under the licence to be made to the landlords. One question was whether the licence agreement was supervened by an operating agreement when Wimbledon moved to Milton Keynes.
Held: A playoff match to decide on promotion to the Premiership was a League match and not a Cup match within the definitions in the lease and the receipts fell within the turnover rent calculations. Excess payments had been made in error for complimentary tickets, but the lease did not allow any set off. The words ‘without any deduction or set-off’, were clear and sufficient to exclude any set off. There was no agreement to displace the rule that an early payment of rent did not displace a sum due later. The turnover rent was to ba calculated on a receipts basis.


Lightman J


[2005] EWHC 292 (Ch)




England and Wales


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