Alexander Mill of Hatton, William Ross, and David Butter, Baillies of The Town of Montrose, for Themselves and Other Magistrates of The Said Town v Colonel Robert Reid and Others, Members of The Town Council of The Said Burgh: HL 23 Jan 1723

Member of parliament – In an action to reduce the election of certain magistrates of a royal burgh, on account of the imprisonment of certain of the electors by the provost, who was a member of parliament: the provost’s privilege of parliament could not be pleaded to stop the declarator against the other defenders, as not elected by a sufficient quorum:
And the provost’s privilege of parliament could not stop the pursuers from insisting upon the reason of reduction, that some of the electors were unwarrantably imprisoned by the provost.
Burgh Royal -It was relevant to annul the election of magistrates, that the provost had unwarrantably imprisoned some of the electors, during the time of the election, with an intention to prevent their giving their votes at that election.

[1723] UKHL Robertson – 452, (1723) Robertson 452

Scotland, Elections, Constitutional, Magistrates

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