Alan Estates Ltd v WG Stores Ltd and Another: CA 1 Jul 1981

The proposed tenant wanted to get into possession, and was given a key and paid a quarter’s rent to the lessor’s solicitors to be held as stakeholders, before the lease had been formally granted. An undated lease and counterpart were executed and exchanged, but said to be sent in escrow until certain conditions were fulfilled. When the proposed landlords were unable to remove a charge, the tenant sought to withdraw. The landlord said that he could not do so. The lease remained undated.
Held: The tenant could withdraw, but owed rent from the date of delivery of the deed in escrow. The date of the lease was the date of the delivery in escrow. Lord Denning MR explained the doctrine of escrow: ‘What is the effect of an escrow before the conditions are fulfilled? One thing is clear. While the conditions are in suspense, the maker of the escrow cannot recall it. He cannot dispose of the land or mortgage it in derogation of the grant which he has made. He is bound to adhere to the grant for a reasonable time so as to see whether the conditions are to be fulfilled or not. If the conditions are not fulfilled at all, or not fulfilled within a reasonable time, he can renounce it. On his doing so, the transaction fails altogether. It has no effect at all. But if the conditions are fulfilled within a reasonable time, then the conveyance or other disposition is binding on him absolutely. It becomes effective to pass the title to the land or other interest in the land from the grantor to the grantee. The title is then said to ‘relate back’ to the time when the document was executed and delivered as an escrow. But this only means that no further deed or act is necessary in order to perfect the title of the grantee. As between grantor and grantee, it must be regarded as a valid transaction which was effective to pass the title to the grantee as at the date of the escrow’

Lord Denning MR, Ackner LJ, Sir Denys Buckley
[1982] Ch 511, [1981] EWCA Civ 1, [1981] 3 WLR 892, 260 EG 173, [1981] 3 All ER 481, 43 P and CR 192
England and Wales
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The Plaintiff contended that a letter written by the purchaser’s solicitor which effectively set out the terms of the agreement, enclosed the part of the contract signed by the purchaser, and asked in exchange for the counter-part signed by the . .
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Delivery of document in Escrow
Blackburn J said that a deed is delivered ‘as soon as there are acts or words sufficient to [show] that it is intended by the party to be executed as his deed presently binding on him.’
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A deed had been delivered in escrow, but, before the condition was fulfilled, the rates of stamp duty changed. The parties disputed the effective date of the transaction.
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Anything which shows that a party treats an instrument as his deed will suffice to make it his deed. . .

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Mrs D had gone into business with the respondents to operate a residential care home. It was to be run from premises owned by the respondents. The respondents inter alia had failed to disclose previous convictions, the registration was cancelled, . .

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