Agora Srl v Ente Autonomo Fiera Internazionale Di Milano Excelsior SNC De Pderotti Bruna; C v Same: ECJ 26 Jun 2001

A company governed an international fair, and had among its objects the organisation of fairs and exhibitions. It was non-profit making but was administered according to criteria of performance and efficiency. It was held not to be a public body for the purposes of deciding whether its contracts fell within the procedures for the awarding of public service contracts. The body would not fall back on any contribution from the public purse, and it operated in a competitive environment, and was held to carry out an ‘industrial or commercial ‘ activity’. It did not fall within the criteria.


Times 26-Jun-2001, C-223/99, [2001] EUECJ C-223/99




Council Directive 92/50/EC on the co-ordination of procedures for the award of public service contracts




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