Adams v The Queen: PC 4 Nov 1994

(New Zealand) The defendant had been a managing director of Equitcorp. With other directors he was concerned with the company’s investments, and established a series of other companies and banks to hide fraudulent transactions. Equitcorp became insolvent, and he was charged with conspiracy to defraud.
Held: D’s appeal against conviction failed. On a charge of conspiracy to defraud causing economic loss, it was necessary to show prejudice or actual loss to the alleged victim. Since the company was entitled to secret profits made by a director, and the transaction had been designed to hide the assets from the company, the acts impeding the discovery of the transaction could found the conspiracy to defraud allegation, and he was properly convicted. His failure as a company director to disclose information which was lawfully required from him as to his secret profit, could itself amount to a fraud.
References: Ind Summary 09-Jan-1995, Gazette 25-Jan-1995, Times 04-Nov-1994, [1995] 1 WLR 52
Jurisdiction: Commonwealth
This case cites:

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