Adams, Regina v (Northern Ireland): SC 13 May 2020

Secretary of State alone to consider confinement

The appellant had been detained under an Interim Custody Order (ICO) during internment during the troubles in Ireland, and then convicted of attempting to escape and escaping. He now appealed from that conviction saying that the order under which he had been detailed had been unlawful, In that the Secretary of State had been required to consider the evidence for detention personally, but had not done so.
Held: The appeal succeeded. The statutory language in this instance is unmistakably clear. It is the Secretary of State who must consider whether the person concerned is suspected of being involved in terrorism etc. Clear and distinct roles were assigned to the SS and to others. Absent the possible invocation of the Carltona principle, there could be no doubt that resort to the power to make an ICO was reserved to the Secretary of State alone. The matter should be approached as a matter of textual analysis, unencumbered by the application of a presumption, but with the enjoinder of Lord Griffiths well in mind.
‘The making of the ICO in respect of the appellant was invalid. It follows that he was not detained lawfully. It further follows that he was wrongfully convicted of the offences of attempting to escape from lawful custody and his convictions for those offences must be quashed.’

Lord Kerr, Lady Black, Lord Lloyd-Jones, Lord Kitchin, Lord Burnett
[2020] UKSC 19, UKSC 2018/0104
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Detention of Terrorists (Northern Ireland) Order 1972
Northern Ireland
Appeal fromAdams, Regina v CANI 14-Feb-2018
Appeal against convictions on 20 March 1975 and 18 April 1975 on counts of attempting to escape from detention contrary to paragraph 38(a) of Schedule 1 of the Northern Ireland (Emergency Provisions) Act 1973 (‘the 1973 Act’) and common law.
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