AB v Her Majesty’s Advocate: SC 5 Apr 2017

This appeal is concerned with a challenge to the legality of legislation of the Scottish Parliament which deprives a person, A, who is accused of sexual activity with an under-aged person, B, of the defence that he or she reasonably believed that B was over the age of 16, if the police had previously charged A with a ‘relevant sexual offence’.
Held: ‘section 39(2)(a)(i) of the 2009 Act is incompatible with Convention rights in its application to the appellant because it interferes disproportionately with his article 8 right ‘
The impugned provision was not within the ambit of article 6, which guarantees that a trial will be procedurally fair. The impugned provision did not, as the appellant’s counsel asserts, create an irrebuttable presumption that the appellant did not have a reasonable belief as to the age of the girl with whom he had sexual intercourse, thereby overriding the presumption of innocence in breach of article 6(2) of the ECHR which provides: ‘Everyone charged with a criminal offence shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.’
Instead, the impugned provision, when applicable, makes the offences under sections 28 and 30 strict liability offences by treating as irrelevant the accused person’s state of knowledge of the victim’s age. The creation of what amounts to a strict liability offence in relation to the victim’s age in such circumstances does not violate article 6(2) of the ECHR, which is concerned with procedural guarantees and not with the substantive elements of a criminal offence
‘the use of the prior charges in this case to exclude the reasonable belief defence amounts to a disproportionate interference with the appellant’s article 8 right because the prior charges did not give the official warning or official notice, which is the only rationale of the impugned provision which the Lord Advocate seeks to defend. ‘
Lord Kerr, Lord Wilson, Lord Reed, Lord Hughes, Lord Hodge
[2017] UKSC 25, 2017 SLT 401, 2017 SCL 434, 2017 GWD 12-178, UKSC 2016/0083
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Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995, European Convention on Human Rights, Scotland Act 1998 29, Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009 39
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The expression ‘charge’ is usually used to describe a formal accusation that a person has committed a criminal offence.
Stratfield J said: ‘there is another principle that one ought to apply, namely, that section . . exists for the purpose of . .
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