3 Individual Present Professional Trustees of 2 Trusts v an Infant Prospective Beneficiary of One Trust and others: ChD 25 Jul 2007

The parties challenged under the 198 Act the right of trustees to seek a Beddoe order protecting themselves against an award of costs.
[2007] EWHC 1922 (Ch)
Human Rights Act 1998 Part 1
England and Wales
CitedIn Re Beddoe, Downes v Cottam CA 1893
A trustee had unsuccessfully defended an action against the trust in detinue for the return of deeds. He now sought protection against a costs order. Costs having been awarded against a trustee in proceeding A, the trustee sought to be indemnified . .
CitedIn re Moritz CA 1960
Trustees had denied the defendants a sight of the exhibits to affidavits. Their’ counsel argued for a settled practice that where an application is made by trustees for directions of the Beddoe kind, then the proposed defendant beneficiaries should . .
CitedMcDonald and Others v Horn and Others CA 8-Aug-1994
A court may make a pre-emptive award of costs to pension fund members who wished to sue the trustees. Hoffmann LJ said: ‘if one looks at the economic relationships involved, there does seem to me to be a compelling analogy between a minority . .
CitedRe Evans 1986
. .
CitedMarley and 11 Others v Mutual Security Merchant Bank and Trust Co Ltd Co PC 15-Oct-1990
BANKING – EQUITY, TRUSTS, PROBATE ADMINISTRATOR’S POWERS OF INVESTMENT Bank as sole administrator cannot invest estate funds in its own deposits in the absence of express sanction in the trust instrument.
Lord Oliver of Aylmerton said: ‘A . .
CitedMcDonald and Others v Horn and Others ChD 12-Oct-1993
A pre-emptive costs order is possible where Plaintiffs are impecunious but the case is very strong. . .
CitedIn re Trusts of X Charity ChD 2003
If a hearing is heard in private, then it is open to the court to rule that its judgment should be maintained in private. Sir Andrew Morritt said: ‘This, essentially administrative, jurisdiction is designed to provide guidance to the fiduciary as to . .

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