11 H 4, 34 Co Lit 105 A F N B 83 10 H 6, Pl 11 Fitz Barr, 267 Littl Lib 2, Ch 8 Littl Ss 154 Grand Serjeanty: 1220

A, tenant by grand serjeanty shall not pay a reasonable aid to make the King’s son a knight, nor to marry the King’s daughter, nor escuage If the heir of such tenant be of full age, he shall pay for relief one year’s value of his land ; if he be within age, he shall be in ward for body and land. For West. 1, ch. 35, mentions aid only for lands held by knight’s service, and in socage.
By all the judges of Englaiicl.


[1220] EngR 77, (1220-1623) Jenk 76, (1220) 145 ER 54 (C)



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