IMPORTANTWe now expect to implement the upgrade from Sunday afternoon (5 July). The site content will be down, the format change and the process of re-population will begin. Apologies for the interruption, but this is our quietist time of the year, and the improvement will be real. Subject to a certain amount of tension about the problems which will no doubt interrupt us, we are excited that the new format will be well worth it.

  • You will find here a very substantial quantity of case law – currently 50,000 cases and counting. We add many cases daily from a queue of 344,000. Much that we provide is unavailable elsewhere electronically whether through subscription services or otherwise.
  • We try to help you decide what case law you need, and to do what we can to help you find the associated judgment.
  • We index case law as it comes on line, summarising cases as they appear to be significant. As we find cases to be cited, they are cross referenced. The result can be a uniquely powerful way of finding your way through the lines of argument placed before the court.

Courts need the full text of any decision you wish to cite, but you must first identify the cases which may be relevant. That is what we aim to do. Other substantial and properly lauded sites provide full text of very many cases. We tend to know where these are, and can guide you to them.

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