Where is it?

We have substantial volumes of material available within and from this web-site. Please take a little time to read this, and then to explore.

  • Forum
    The best resource is our forum. There we discuss the law in all its aspects, from what might be the best thing to do if you missed your bail, to discussion as to some abstruse point of defamation law.
  • Case Law.
    We have, and are making available one of the very biggest case law indices you can get. We have over 310,000 cases indexed on a separate database, and are noting them up constantly.

    • swarb.co.uk – main pages.

      We have been adding cases at the rate of ten (or so) a day, and as at Dec 20 2012, we now carry over 7,600 cases. After a bit more programming, we should be able to increase this, in the New Year, to at least 40 a day. When we finally get it right, it will speed up again.
    • The law-index

      This is a substantial historical remnant. The pages have been in place now for many years, and I dare not remove them. The new pages are better (much), but as yet the coverage is less.