Park v Cho and Others: ChD 24 Jan 2014

The parties disputed the chairmanship of a charity. The claimant succeeded, but a third party later intervened saying that permission had not first been obtained from the Charity Commission as required. The defendant now appealed against the lifting of the stay after the claimant had received permission.
Held: The objection failed. Authority could be granted retrospectively. The practice of granting retrospective leave for proceedings has long been well-established in English cases. The phrase ‘the taking of proceedings’ would make little sense unless interpreted to include ‘initiating or commening proceedings’. ‘Taking of proceedings’ was possible in the course of an action which had already been commenced.
The Commission did not itself consider that it could grant retrospective consent, but the order made by the Charity Commission was a permissible order, authorising the taking of a step in the existing proceedings, albeit that the order did not authorise the proceedings from their inception.

Jeremy Cousins QC
[2014] EWHC 55 (Ch), [2014] PTSR 769, [2014] WLR(D) 27
Bailii, WLRD
Charities Act 2011 115
England and Wales
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Where a statute requires leave to commence proceedings to be granted, a failure to obtain such consent does not automatically render the proceedings a nullity.
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