Omega (Trade Mark: Revocation) (O-027-03): IPO 30 Jan 2003

IPO Section 46(1)(a) – Partial Revocation failed
Section 46(1)(b) – Partial Revocation action (partially successful)
The above registered mark was registered for a range of goods in Class 9 and the partial revocation requested was in respect of all goods other than ‘Sports timing equipment’.
The registered proprietors claimed use in respect of a range of goods while admitting that there had been no use in respect of ‘Life saving and weighing instruments and apparatus’. The registered proprietors evidence in support of their claims was somewhat vague and unfocussed and in many instances statements made were not supported by the exhibits and documentation. Having carefully sifted through the evidence the Hearing Officer concluded that the registered proprietors had only shown use in respect of ‘measuring and signalling apparatus and instruments, all for use in sport’ and that the other goods in the registration should be cancelled from the date of filing of the application for revocation (Section 46(1)(b)).
Even though Section 46(1)(a) had been quoted as a ground of revocation all the evidence and discussion had been in relation to the five year period prior to the filing of the application. As the registration dated from 1951 the Hearing Officer did not feel able to consider the question of non-use for the five year period following registration.
Mr D Landau
O/027/03, [2003] UKIntelP o02703
Trade Marks Act 1994 46(1)(a) 46(1)(b)
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See AlsoOmega (Trade Mark: Revocation) (O-028-03) IPO 30-Jan-2003
IPO Section 46(1)(a): – Revocation failed.
Section 46(1)(b): – Revocation successful.
1. The Hearing Officer had to decide whether watches made of gold and/or incorporating precious stones were items . .

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