Monthly Page Views

Page views are a simple and accessible measure of the use of a site. The table below is taken from a count produced by Jetpack
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At its simplest, figures have been clearly double those for the comparable period last year.
Peaks happen as we get toward holiday seasons, end of November, the weeks before Easter, and early June. The dips are sudden and can be deep.

From the above, it should be seen that the ratio of pages to visitors varies slightly. It rises from about 1.6 until more recently it has reached about 1.9, suggesting an increasing ‘stickiness’.


The figures from December 2012 are after a complete restart. The figures show a fairly quick recovery over several months.

Again, as it regrew, we outgrew our hosting company and we suspended collection of statistics until in May 2014, we moved hosts, re-establishing the site over a week or so, completing the move on 23 May.

November 2014 – Dizzying heights.

September 2014 – figures are climbing again, and more sharply. We seem to be at about twice or more the figures for the corresponding months in previous years.

June 2014 – the figures are clearly rather higher overall than previously. We are however coming to the quietest three months of the year, June, July, and August.

July 2020
Coronavirus sliced off nearly all our Spring peak. Ouch. Let us hope it recovers properly. Surprisingly both June and July were better than the corresponding months in 2019.