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Benefits Law Top
   Availability for work

Charity Law Top
Commercial Law Top
   Copier Leases

   Heads of Agreement

   Leasing Agreements


   News / Comment

   Rights of Third Parties

   Whole Agreement Clause – Unreasonable
Computer Law Top
   Authority to Access

   Bio-Metrics Secure?

   Computer Evidence

   Computer Evidence – General

   Computer Evidence still Hearsay

   Computer Financial Advice Regulated

   Computer Law

   Computer Misuse

   Computer Misuse and Extradition

   Computer Misuse Notes

   Computer Misuse Sentencing

   Computer Security Resources

   Copyright Protection for Codes

   Digital Signatures

   Disk Files and Obscene Images

   Domain Name Games

   Electronic Comunications Bill 1999 Part III

   Employment Authority

   Encryption Law News UK

   Is a Disk File a Document?

   Liability Exclusion ? Pegler v Wang

   Limitation of liability

   Linking and Consent

   Linking to a Page


   Links – Computers in Evidence

   Morgans v DPP – Evidence of Interceptions

   Places We Sign

   R v Gold and Schifreen

   R v Harper, R v Minors

   R v Sinha

   Sharing Copyright – The Wrong Skill

   Software Goods?

   Software Sale/Licensing

   Taxing Business On-Line

   Telephone and e-mail Intercepts

   Terrorism Act 2000

   Total Information Processing Systems v Daman


   Video Recordings Act 1984 – Cover disks / Computer Games
Company Law Top
   Companies House

   Company Law Basics

   Company Meetings – Quora

   Deeds of Confirmation



   Registration of Debentures

   Shadow Directors

   Table A – Articles of Association
Criminal Law Top
   Appropriate Adults

   Burglars and Self-Defence

   Criminal (lack of) Disclosure

   Criminal Law News

   Driver Rights

   Estate Agents Falsies

   FAQ – Criminal Law

   How Can You?

   Is a motorised scooter a road vehicle?

   I’ve been searched

   Jury Nullification?


   Magistrates or Crown Court Trial

   Plea Before Venue

   Police – Bailed To Return

   Police Station Interview

   Powers of Arrest

   Road Traffic Act

   Speed Gun Detectors

   Stop and Search

   The Criminal Caution

   Unlawful and Citizens Arrests

   Warned List

   What happens if I pay it all back?

   Witness in a Criminal Trial

   Wrongful Imprisonment
Residential Conveyancing Top
   Authority to Exchange Contracts

   Bank Mortgages

   Buying at Auction

   Choosing Your Mortgage

   Confidentiality and Conveyancing

   Consent to Mortgage

   Conveyancing – FAQ, Frequently Answered Questions

   Conveyancing Deposits

   Conveyancing Disbursements

   Conveyancing On-Line

   Deeds of Gift, and Your Title

   Defective Title Insurance

   Environmental Searches

   Estate Agents and Sole Selling Rights

   Floods and Houses

   Flying Freeholds

   Giving Away Your House

   House surveys

   Joint Tenancies and Tenancies in Common

   Land Registry Plans

   Leasehold title good and absolute

   Lender Valuations

   Lenders and Sole Practitioners


   Local and Other Searches

   Local Searches (2)

   Lock Out Agreements

   Mortgage Advances and Cleared Funds

   Mortgage Terms

   Pre-Registration Title Deeds

   Proving Identity

   Requisitions and Undertakings

   Sellers Packs – Too Much Information!

   Settling your Mortgage

   Severing a Joint Tenancy

   Sharing the Load

   Signing Deeds

   Title Insurance

   Works done between Exchange and Completion

   Your Estate Agent’s Account
Defamation Law Top
   Defamation – General and Links

   Defamation – What are Defamatory Words

   Defamation Law – Links

   Defamation Law – News

   Defamation of Groups

   Defamation On-line – New Modes of Publication

   Innuendo in Defamation

   ISPs and Defamation – Regulation Alternatives

   Totalise v Motley Fool

   True Libel
Data Protection Top
   Data Protection Act 1998 – Fact Sheet

   Data Protection Law – Basics

   Data Protection News

   Fair Obtaining

   Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic Commerce Top
   Credit and Debit Cards and on-line Security

   Electronic Commerce And Documents

   Electronic Documents and the Law.


   Selling on-line
Employment Law Top

   Deductions From Wages

   E-mail Policies

   Employee or Self-Employed?

   Employee or Worker?

   Employees and Independent Contractors

   Employment Law – Transfer of Undertakings


   Fixed Term Employment Contracts


   Nil Hours Contracts

   Payments in Lieu of Notice

   Race Discrimination

   Redundancy Pay ? How Much?

   Statement of Particulars of Employment

   Transfer of Undertakings – and Liabilities
Environmental Law Top
European Law Top
   Euro Weights

   European Law Links
Family Law Top
   10 Rules For Contact Arrangements

   Adoption on the Web

   Changing a Child’s Surname


   Consent order…final or not?

   Consent Orders

   Fair Shares on Divorce?

   Family Law – Comment

   Finding Adopted Children

   Frequently Asked Questions – Changing Names


   Signing Name-Change Deeds

   Surrendering Endowment Policies
Financial Services Top
   Equitable Life

   Equitable Life v Hyman CA (1)

   Equitable Life v Hyman CA (2)

   Equitable Life v Hyman ChD (1)

   Equitable Life v Hyman ChD (2)

   Equitable Life v Hyman HL

   Finance Law Links

   Interest Rates
General Top
   Barristers and Solicitors. A Difference?

   Bog Latin / Dog Latin

   Conflicts of Interest

   Free Case Law online

   Legal Latin

   Let’s kill all the lawyers


   Links Other

   Mickey Mouse or Mucky Minnow – Plain English

   Other Law Firms

   Other Nations’ Law Sites


   Rights Of Entry

   Rumpole and She Who Must Be Obeyed.

   The Bar and Smaller Firms of Solicitors

   The Rule of Law – or Not as the Case may Be Almost an FAQ

   Wheel Clampers bite the dust?

   When a Quality Mark does not imply Good Quality

   When ‘quality’ is not quality
Human Rights Law Top
   Convention On The Prevention And Punishment Of The Crime Of Genocide (1948)

   International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination



   UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Human Rights Committee 41st session

   Universal Declaration Of Human Rights
Immigration Law Top
   Asylum – Fear of Persecution

   France and Germany Unsafe

Insolvency Law Top
Internet Law Top
   Cacheing, Copyright, and the Net

   Cancel.FQA (Frequently Questioned Answers)

   Common Carrier

   Domain Names and e-Words


   Electronic Communications Bill 1999 – Part III

   Elements of a web site

   Encryption Regulation

   Indecent Cacheing

   Intercepts are Easy

   Internet Defamation

   Issues in Web Contracts



   Links – RIP

   Multi-Level Marketing on the Net

   Netscape Privacy Violation (1)

   Netscape Privacy Violation (2)


   Security On-line

   Statistics and Interception

   The ISP Business after Godfrey v Demon

   The Web and Copyright Licences

   Web Justice?

   Web Page Images and Copyright

   Web Page Owners ? A New Defamation Risk

   Web-Sites and Confidence
Intellectual Property Top
   Are Bottle Shapes Distinctive

   BPI won’t call in the Cops on Your MP3

   Company Name And Trade Mark Conflicts

   Confidentiality and Medical Information

   Copyright and Fair Use in the UK

   Copyright History

   Dancing on Pinheads

   EasyJet Airline v Dainty

   European Trade Marks and Aural Similarity

   Evidence of Confusion in Passing Off

   I have this Bright Idea

   Intellectual Property – FAQ

   Intellectual Property Law Links

   Right of Repair as a Copyright Defence

   Saphena Computing v Allied Collection Agencies

   Software Protection Basics

   Trade Mark Abuse

   Trade Mark Applications – Progress Sheet

   Trade Mark Trouble

   Trade Marks ? after registration

   Trade Marks and Domain Names ? Domain confusions

   Trademarks and Shapes
Just Mooting Top
   Monsanto v Schmeiser

   Monsanto v Schmeiser 2001 (1/2)

   Monsanto v Schmeiser 2001 2/1
law-index Top

   Subscriptions to the Law-index
Litigation Top
   Clearing the Roads of Ice

   Discovery of Documents

   Giving Evidence

   Litigation Links

   Your Statement
Land Law Top
   Are you claiming land?

   Does a Gate Infringe a Right of Way?

   Flying Freeholds (2)

   Land Law Links
Landlord and Tenant Law Top
   A Lessee’s Responsibilities

   Break Clauses

   Landlord and Tenant FAQ

   Leaseholds – Good no more?


   Shorthold Tenancies, Notices to Quit.

   Sitting Tenants

   Your Lease
Living Together Top
   Living Together Agreements
Law News Top
   Criminal (lack of) Disclosure

   Derry’s Air

   Drivers Rights and Human Rights

   Law News


   Legal Aid Contracting Challenge


   Venables and Thompson
Our Web Pages Top
   404 – Page not Found


   Feedback – Strokes

   Law Homework

   Our law-bytes

   Our Pages – Why Like This?

   Our Web Pages

   Practice Change

   Privacy Statement

   Search Rankings

   Site Map

   Visitor Numbers

   When is our Site Accessed?
Probate Top
   Advertising for Creditors

   Executorship Services

   Frequently Asked Questions
Personal Injury Top
   Frequently Asked Questions

   Personal Injury Claims – News

   Personal Injury Law – Links
Precedents Top
   Statutory Declaration on Change of Name
Solicitors Property Shop Top
   Getting ready to sell
Trusts and Private Client Top
   Enduring Powers of Attorney

   Powers of Attorney

   Registration of an Enduring Power of Attorney
Dealing With Us Top
   Acting at a Distance

   Clearance of Cheques

   Disbursements Invoicing

   Finding David

   Getting in Touch With Us

   Interest on Client Funds

   Keeping Costs Down


   Monthly Billing

   Our History

   Our Statements of Account


   Payment by Instalments

   Second Opinions

   Secure Communications

   Solicitors Remuneration Order

   Time Estimates and Variations
Wills Top
   An Executor’s Duties

   Do You Need a Will?

   Funny Wills

   Have You Outlived Your Will?

   Home Made Wills

   Inheritance Tax and Deeds of Variation


   Living Wills

   Married Couples

   Mutual Wills

   No Time to Make a Will?

   Signing Your Will

   Thinking about Willing

   Understanding Your Will

   What Your Will Cannot Do

   Who pays the Funeral Account

   Wills and Codicils

   Wills and Probate – Frequently Asked Questions