Douglas v North Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council: CA 19 Dec 2003

The applicant had sought a student loan to support his studies as a mature student. It was refused because he would be over 55 at the date of the commencement of the course. He claimed this was discriminatory.
Held: The Convention required the state not to prevent access to education, not a duty to subsidise education. Though tertiary education fell within the meaning of ‘education’ in the Convention, the loan arrangements did not. Article 14 was not engaged. ‘The bottom line is that the measures of which complaint is made have to be linked to the exercise of the right guaranteed. The Secretary of State’s argument is that the Student Support Regulations are not intended to promote the subject matter of Article 2. They are not to do with the right to education. Their purpose, as is set out in the evidence, is to encourage greater access to higher education primarily for students wishing to improve their skills and qualifications.’ The court accepted that argument.
Thorpe, Jonathan Parker, Scott Baker LJJ
Times 22-Jan-2004, [2004] 1 All ER 709
European Convention on Human Rights 14
England and Wales

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