Cadman v Health and Safety Executive, intervener: Equal Opportunities Commission: ECJ 3 Oct 2006

Social Policy – The court considered what went to make up age discrimination: ‘the Court acknowledged that rewarding, in particular, experience acquired which enables the worker to perform his duties better constitutes a legitimate objective of pay policy. As a general rule, recourse to the criterion of length of service is appropriate to attain that objective. Length of service goes hand in hand with experience, and experience generally enables the worker to perform his duties better.
The employer is therefore free to regard length of service without having to establish the importance it has in the performance of specific tasks entrusted to the employee.’


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The company had entered into collective agreements with the union governing criteria and procedures for redundancy selection. The company said that the criteria were not compliant with the age discrimination regulations.
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The employer appealed against a finding that it had acted in an equal pay claim in allowing for length of service.
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