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Pirabakaran v Patel and Another: CA 26 May 2006

The landlord had wanted possession. The tenant said that the landlord had been harassing him. The landlord said that the tenancy was a mixed residential and business tenancy and that the 1977 Act did not apply. Held: The 1977 Act applied. A tenancy for mixed purposes falls under the protection of the Act of 1954, … Continue reading Pirabakaran v Patel and Another: CA 26 May 2006

American Economic Laundry Ltd v Little: CA 1950

An unconditional order for possession was made against a statutory tenant under the Rent Acts, and execution of the order was then suspended by the court from time to time pursuant to powers contained in s 5(2). The court distinguished between an absolute but suspended possession order and a conditional order. Judges: Somervell LJ Citations: … Continue reading American Economic Laundry Ltd v Little: CA 1950

Bradley-Hole v Cusen: CA 1953

The creditor was a tenant of rent-controlled premises who had been charged too much rent by his landlord. The bankrupt landlord’s trustee argued that the claim in respect of overpaid rent had been converted into a right to prove the debt in the bankruptcy, and that therefore any other method of recovery was barred. Held: … Continue reading Bradley-Hole v Cusen: CA 1953

Cruise v Terrell: CA 1922

The plaintiffs stayed at weekends at a cottage let for a fixed term of one year. The contractual term ended on 25 March 1921 and was not renewed. On 7 April, in the absence of the plaintiffs, the defendant sent the local blacksmith to the cottage, . .

Lavender v Betts: 1942

The landlord, served a notice to quit, and obtained entry to the property without force and removed the doors and windows so that it could no longer be used as a dwelling. The plaintiff brought an action for trespass.
Held: After referring to . .