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American Economic Laundry Ltd v Little: CA 1950

An unconditional order for possession was made against a statutory tenant under the Rent Acts, and execution of the order was then suspended by the court from time to time pursuant to powers contained in s 5(2). The court distinguished between an absolute but suspended possession order and a conditional order. Judges: Somervell LJ Citations: … Continue reading American Economic Laundry Ltd v Little: CA 1950

Bradley-Hole v Cusen: CA 1953

The creditor was a tenant of rent-controlled premises who had been charged too much rent by his landlord. The bankrupt landlord’s trustee argued that the claim in respect of overpaid rent had been converted into a right to prove the debt in the bankruptcy, and that therefore any other method of recovery was barred. Held: … Continue reading Bradley-Hole v Cusen: CA 1953

Cruise v Terrell: CA 1922

The plaintiffs stayed at weekends at a cottage let for a fixed term of one year. The contractual term ended on 25 March 1921 and was not renewed. On 7 April, in the absence of the plaintiffs, the defendant sent the local blacksmith to the cottage, . .

Lavender v Betts: 1942

The landlord, served a notice to quit, and obtained entry to the property without force and removed the doors and windows so that it could no longer be used as a dwelling. The plaintiff brought an action for trespass.
Held: After referring to . .

Wood v Carwardine: 2 Jan 1923

The court held that trivial services, the amount of which could be measured, did not amount to ‘attendance’ within the meaning of section 12(2)(i) of the 1920 Act. The rule had to be applied with robust vigour in favour of the tenant unless the . .