Othman (Abu Qatada) -v- The United Kingdom; ECHR 9 May 2012

References: 8139/09 (Press release), [2012] ECHR 817
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(Press Release) Diplomatic assurances will protect Abu Qatada from torture but he cannot be deported to Jordan while there remains a real risk that evidence obtained by torture will be used against him.
Statutes: European Convention on Human Rights
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  • See Also – Omar Othman -v- The United Kingdom ECHR (8139/09, Bailii, [2009] ECHR 855)
    Statement of Facts. The applicant resisted deportation to Jordan to face trial on on terrorism related charges, saying that there was a real risk that the evidence to be presented against him would include evidence obtained by torture. . .
  • Judgment – Omar Othman (Abu Qatada) -v- The United Kingdom ECHR (Bailii, [2012] ECHR 56, (2012) 32 BHRC 62, (2012) 55 EHRR 1)
    The applicant resisted his proposed deportation to Jordan to face charges of terrorism. He complained was that his retrial in Jordan would amount to a flagrant denial of justice because of a number of factors including a very real risk that . .
  • SIAC Bail Application – Othman -v- Secretary of State for The Home Department SIAC (Bailii, [2012] UKSIAC B1)
    Application for bail. . .

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