In re L (a minor by his father and litigation friend); Regina -v- Governors of J School, ex parte L; HL 27-Feb-2003

A pupil had been excluded from school, then ordered to be re-instated by the independent appeal panel. The teachers’ union objected to his return to the school. The head-teacher arranged for him to be taught and supervised at school by a non-union teacher in segregated conditions. His parents objected.
Held: The reinstatement order did not seek to control the way in which the headmaster implemented it. ‘Reinstatement’ in a school can accommodate the almost complete segregation of the pupil from the rest of the school community. The head had complied with the order and the parents could not object. (Lords Bingham and Cornhill dissenting)

Court: HL
Date: 27-Feb-2003
Judges: Bingham of Cornhill, Hoffmann, Hobhouse of Woodborough, Scott of Foscote, Walker of Getsingthorpe
Statutes: School Standards and Framework Act 1998 64
Links: House of Lords, Bailii,
References: [2003] UKHL 9, Times, 06-Mar-2003, , [2003] 2 AC 633, [2003] BLGR 343, [2003] 2 WLR 518, [2003] 1 FCR 548, [2003] 1 All ER 1012, [2003] ELR 309
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