XYZ v Schering Health Care: Oral Contraceptive Litigation: SCCO 31 Mar 2004


[2004] EWHC 90026 (Costs)




See AlsoAfrika and others v Cape Plc and others; X Y Z and Others v Schering health Care Ltd; Sayers and Others v Merck, Smithkline Beecham plc MMR/MR vaccine litigation CA 21-Dec-2001
Claimants sought damages for personal injuries after immunisation with the MMR vaccine. . .
See AlsoSayers and Others v Smith Kline Beecham plc and Others; X, Y, Z and Others v Schering Health Care Ltd and Others; Afrika and Others v Cape plc CA 21-Dec-2001
The case concerned the management of substantial multi-party actions, and in particular the form of costs orders. The claimants sought a payment of the ‘common costs’ element to be made payable as the appropriate relative common issues were . .
See AlsoXYZ and others v Schering Health QBD 29-Jul-2002
The court heard seven lead claims in group litigation against three drug companies in respect of their combined oral contraceptive products. . .
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