Weld-Blundell v Stephens: HL 1920

The plaintiff had been successfully sued for a libel contained in a document which he had supplied to his accountant.
Held: He could not recover the damages he had had to pay to the defamed party from his accountant, who had negligently left the document about so that it came to the former’s attention.
Lord Sumner said: ‘In general, even though A is in fault, he is not responsible for injury to C which B, a stranger to him, deliberately chooses to do. Though A may have given the occasion for B’s mischievous activity, B then becomes a new and independent cause.’
References: [1920] AC 956
Judges: Lord Sumner
Jurisdiction: England and Wales
This case cites:

  • Appeal from – Weld-Blundell v Stephens CA 1919
    The exception to the obligation not to disclose confidential information is limited to the proposed or contemplated commission of a crime or a civil wrong. . .
    ([1919] 1 KB 520)

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