Unique Pub Properties Ltd v Broard Green Tavern Ltd and Another: ChD 26 Jul 2012

The claimant freeholder sought to install in the tenant’s pub, equipment to monitor sales. It claimed a right for this in the lease. The tenant refused access, saying that the proposed system was inaccurate. The claimant now sought summary relief.
Held: There was no arguable defence and summary judgment was granted. The measuring system proposed though not developed at the time of the lease was clearly a system of the sort provided for by the lease, and: ‘it is not possible to imply into the Lease the term pleaded in the Amended Defence to the effect that the dispensing equipment referred to in the Reservation is limited to dispensing equipment and equipment ancillary thereto the sole purpose of which is to facilitate and ensure the safe dispensing of beer and cider of an appropriate quality, or any similar term.’ Nor was the 1985 Act engaged, since the system was not being used, in providing that information, ‘in connection with’ the sale and purchase of beer and cider under the relevant transaction or transactions.
‘a contractual discretion must be exercised honestly and in good faith and must not be exercised arbitrarily, capriciously or unreasonably, unreasonableness being assessed in the sense that no reasonable person would exercise the discretion in the manner proposed. Sometimes the courts appear to approach these restrictions by way of implication. In others, they appear to approach the matter of one of construction. It does not matter which approach is more accurate, especially as the implication is, in any case, a facet of construction’

Warren J
[2012] EWHC 2154 (Ch)
Weights and Measures Act 1985 7 17
England and Wales
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