Turley v Unite The Union and Another: QBD 19 Dec 2019

Defamation of Labour MP by Unite and Blogger

The claimant now a former MP had alleged that a posting on a website supported by the first defendant was false and defamatory. The posting suggested that the claimant had acted dishonestly in applying online for a category of membership of the union. The defendants pursued defences of justification and of public interest, but withdrew the allegation of dishonesty early in the trial.
Held: The Union had not clearly informed applicants of the conditions of membership, and could not establish that the claimant knew of them. The allegations were indeed potentially damaging. Though there may have been a public interest in publication of such an allegation if true, but the defence was unavailable to the defendants because the defendants had not given adequate opportunity for the claimant to understand what was to be written before its publication, and had not adequately undertaken checks of the assertions made, which had they been completed would have demonstrated the falsity of some of their claims, because the membership application had not asked as to her employment status as asserted.
When awarding damages of 75,000 pounds, the court noted: ‘The Defendants’ conduct during the trial has seriously aggravated the harm to the Claimant’s reputation and her distress. Mr Hudson QC’s claim, in opening, that the evidence would show that the Claimant was ‘not fit to be an MP’ was a memorable phrase that was picked up in most media reports of the trial. Many reports have been published detailing the Defendants’ claims that the Claimant was dishonest. In the event, I have dismissed the Defendants’ defence of truth and their claim that the Claimant had conducted her claim dishonestly. The platform on which it was claimed that the Claimant was dishonest and not fit to be an MP has collapsed. Not only does this conduct aggravate the damages (for the reasons explained by Lord Judge LCJ, in Cairns -v- Modi) it makes the vindicatory function of damages particularly important in this case. Although this judgment may serve to vindicate the Claimant, its effectiveness in doing so will depend on the number of people who read it, or read reports of it. In most cases, effective and lasting vindication is most likely to come, as Lord Judge recognised, from the size of the award.’

Nicklin J
[2019] EWHC 3547 (QB)
Bailii, Judiciary, Judiciary Summary
Data Protection Act 1998, Defamation Act 2013 1(1) 4
England and Wales
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Lopes LJ identified four ways in which a person could be liable for the republication of a defamatory statement:
i) where a defendant has authorised the republication of the statement;
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There was as allegation of defamation by one doctor against another.
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A person who supplies another with information intending or knowing that it is liable to be republished has been held to be prima facie liable for the publication of what s/he has provided . .
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Andrew Smith J, dismissed a defendant’s application for summary judgment, saying that that it was not fatal to the claim that the claimant could not plead or prove that the defendant caused or authorised publication of ‘the specific defamatory words . .
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The court considered an online allegation of involvement in child sex abuse which was described as ‘life changing’ and having transformed the life of the claimant and his family and left him a recluse. Notwithstanding the ‘fairly limited . .
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An individual who faced criminal charges sued the CPS for libel, misfeasance in public office, and breach of the Human Rights Act, in respect of a public announcement that those charges were to be brought. The court was asked now to decide whether . .
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Settling Meaning in Defamation Cases
Nicklin J set out the approach to meaning in defamation actions: The Court’s task is to determine the single natural and ordinary meaning of the words complained of, which is the meaning that the hypothetical reasonable reader would understand the . .
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The parties had been married and divorced. Mrs S told M S’s new partner on Facebook that he had tried to strangle her and made other allegations. Mrs S now appealed from a finding that she had defamed him. Lord Kerr restated the approach to meaning . .
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The claimant sought damages in defamation in respect of a statement made by one of its planning officers.
Held: A source or contributor cannot be sued for a defamatory meaning which only arises from part of the media publication to which he . .
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Failed action for defamation on rape allegations
The claimant had been accused by the defendant’s daughter of rape. He was never charged but sought to prosecute her alleging intent to pervert the course of justice. She later killed herself. The defendant sought to have the inquest extended to . .
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Need to Show Damage Increased by 2013 Act
The claimant alleged defamation by three publishers. The articles were held to have defamatory meaning, but the papers argued that the defamations did not reach the threshold of seriousness in section 1(1) of the 2013 Act.
Held: Section 1 of . .
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Slander damages reduced for conduct
Claim in slander. The defendant was said, at a church meeting to have accused the client of threatening to slit her throat. The defendant argued that the audience of 80 was not large enough.
Held: ‘the authorities demonstrate that it is the . .
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Chilling effect of defamation costs structures
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The defendant had published an article which was defamatory of the claimant police officer, saying that he was under investigation for alleged corruption. The inquiry later cleared him. The court was now asked whether the paper had Reynolds type . .
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The court explained why evidence of particular acts of misconduct on the part of the Plaintiff tending to show his character and disposition should be excluded, saying ‘Both principle and authority seems equally against its admission. It would give . .
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The court awarded pounds 45,000 general damages and an additional pounds 10,000 in aggravated damages in respect of three posts containing allegations of computer hacking or strong grounds to suspect such conduct in the third post, published to . .
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The plaintiff complained of an article written in the Daily Mail which included the reporting of a report of a Parliamentary select committee. The reporting of the select committee’s report was privileged under the Parliamentary Papers Act 1840. At . .
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Exemplary Damages Award in Defamation
The plaintiff had been awarded damages for defamation. The defendants pleaded justification. Before the trial the plaintiff gave notice that he wanted additional, exemplary, damages. The trial judge said that such a claim had to have been pleaded. . .
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Four articles in the People all covered the same story about Esther Rantzen’s organisation, Childline, suggesting that the plaintiff had protected a teacher who had revealed to Childline abuses of children occurring at a school where he taught, by . .
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Where a defendant in a defamation action sought to reduce the damages payable by arguing that the claimant had a reduced or damaged reputation, he could include evidence about particular facts only where these were directly connected to the . .
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A joint award of pounds 40,000 was made for defamation and harassment in a case where the harassment alone justified an award at the upper end of the Vento scale [58], being a campaign in which the claimant was ‘clearly and deliberately targeted’ to . .
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The applicants had been sued in defamation by McDonalds. They had no resources, and English law precluded legal aid for such cases. The trial was the longest in English legal history. They complained that the non-availablility of legal aid infringed . .
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. .
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