Traversa v Freddi: CA 14 Feb 2011

Jurisdiction in Cross border divorce

The parties had divorced in Italy. After the wife sought possession of her house in London where H lived, he appealed against refusal of leave to apply for an order under the 1984 Act, the court having found insufficient substantial grounds for allowing the application to go ahead.
Held: Leave was granted. The judge had refused leave on the basis of the law as it then applied, but Lord Collins in Agbaje had restated the law and the application must be looked at anew. The gloss added by Mostyn J in CG was unjustified: ‘the section 13 filter is there to exclude plainly unmeritorious cases and, although, in the evaluation of substance, regard must be paid to overall merits, it does not call for a rigorous evaluation of all the circumstances that would be considered once the application has passed through the filter.’ Sufficiently substantial grounds had been shown here to allow the application to proceed. Furthermore, applying Boogard, Regulation Brussels I cannot be invoked as the basis for the exclusive exercise of jurisdiction in relation to the property consequences of divorce.
Applications for leave should continue to be heard initially ex parte pending the new rules.

Thorpe, Rimer, Munby LJJ
[2011] EWCA Civ 81, [2011] Fam Law 464
Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act 1984 Part III, Regulation Brussels I
England and Wales
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