Thompson v Commissioner of Police of Metropolis; Hsu v Same: CA 20 Feb 1997

CS Damages of 200,000 pounds by way of exemplary damages had been awarded against the police for unlawful arrest and assault.
Held: The court gave a guideline maximum pounds 50,000 award against police for wrongful arrest and wrongful imprisonment. Comparisons were proper with personal injury cases. It is important to identify and quantify the various elements going to make up an award. Where exemplary damages were appropriate they were unlikely to be less than andpound;5,000: otherwise the case was probably not one which justified an award of exemplary damages at all. Although there could be a penal element in the award of aggravated damages, these were primarily to be awarded to compensate the plaintiff for injury to his proper pride and dignity and the consequences of his being humiliated or where those responsible had acted in a high handed insulting or malicious manner.
In cases where juries were assessing damages in actions for assault, wrongful imprisonment or malicious prosecution arising out police misconduct, section 8(1) has the effect of ‘lowering the barrier against intervention’ in relation to such awards.
Woolfe LJ said: ‘In deciding upon what should be treated as the upper limits for exemplary damages we have selected a figure which is sufficiently substantial to make it clear that there has been conduct of a nature which warrants serious civil punishment and indicates the jury’s vigorous disapproval of what has occurred but at the same time recognises that the plaintiff is the recipient of a windfall in relation to exemplary damages. As punishment is the primary objective in this class of case it is more difficult to tie the amount of exemplary damages to the award of compensatory damages, including aggravated.’ and ‘However, in many cases it could prove a useful check subject to the upper limits we have identified if it is accepted that it will be unusual for the exemplary damages to produce a result of more than three times the basic damages being awarded (as the total of the basic aggravated and exemplary damages) except again where the basic damages are modest.’
Woolfe MR, Auld LJ, Sir Brian Neill
Times 20-Feb-1997, [1997] 2 All ER 762, [1997] 1 WLR 1519, [1997] EWCA Civ 3083, [1998] 1 QB 498, (1998) 10 Admin LR 363, [1997] 3 WLR 403
Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 8(1)
England and Wales
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CitedRowlands v Chief Constable of Merseyside Police CA 20-Dec-2006
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CitedTakitota v the Attorney General and others PC 18-Mar-2009
(Bahamas) The applicant a tourist had been wrongfully detained in appalling conditions in the Bahamas for over eight years after he lost his documents. He now appealed against an award of $500,000 dollars compensation.
Held: ‘it would not be . .
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CitedThakrar v The Secretary of State for Justice Misc 31-Dec-2015
County Court sitting at Milton Keynes. The claimant prisoner sought damages saying that his personal property had been damaged whilst in the care of the defendant.
Held: The claims succeeded in part. Some damage was deliberate. There was a . .
CitedRoberts, Regina (on the application of) v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis and another SC 17-Dec-2015
The Court considered the validity of suspicionless stop and search activities under s 60 of the 1994 Act, by police officers.
Held: The claimant’s appeal failed. The safeguards attending the use of the s 60 power, and in particular the . .

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