The Commissioners and Trustees of The Forfeited States v Kenneth Mackenzie of Assint, A Minor, By Colonel Alexander Mackenzie, His Curator: HL 10 Feb 1720

Papist attainted of Treason – The Act 5 Geo. 1 c. 22. having limited a certain time for preferring exception, against a forfeiture, a person who presented his exceptions as protestant heir of a trustee could not, after expiration of the time limited reply as protestant heir of those for whom the trust was created.
Trust Estate held for a Papist – An estate held in trust for the Earl of Seaforth, a papist, was forfeited to the public by his attainder, and could not be cases up, by the protestant heir.

[1720] UKHL Robertson – 263, (1720) Robertson 263

Scotland, Trusts

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