The Case of The Tailors and Co of Ipswich: 1572

Resolved, 1. At common law tio man could be prohibited from working at any lawful trade. 3. The Corporation of the Tailors of Ipswich cannot by any ordinance make by them prohibit any one from exercising his trade, till he has presented himself before them, or till they allow him to be a workman, 3. The Act 5 ELiz. 4. Forbids not the private exercise of a trade in the house of any for the use uf the family. 4. The stat. 19 H. 7. 7. leaves the ordinances of corporations allowed etc According to that Act, to be affirmed as good or clisattirmecl as unlawful, by the law ; but exempte the corporation from the penalty of 40l. for puttiug in use any unlawful ordinances, which are allowed and approved as the statute speaks.


[1572] EngR 418, (1572-1616) 11 Co Rep 53, (1572) 77 ER 1218




England and Wales


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