Stretford v The Football Association Ltd and Another: CA 21 Mar 2007

The claimant was a football player’s agent. The licensing scheme required disputes, including disciplinary procedures, to be referred to arbitration. He denied that the rule had been incorporated in the contract. He also complained that the Association had agreed to postpone disciplinary proceedings pending the result of other litigation between the parties.
Held: The appeal was dismissed. There was nothing in the exchanges to amount to such an agreement. The court considered the complaint that the arbitration proceedings would not provide a fair trial, and said ‘where parties have voluntarily or (as some of the cases put it) freely entered into an arbitration agreement they are to be treated as waiving their rights under article 6. ‘ Given the greater protection afforded to those subject to arbitration than that given in other countries whose systems had been approved by the ECHR, no infringement of the claimant’s human rights would follow from the referral to arbitration.


Sir Anthony Clarke MR, Waller LJ, Sedley LJ


[2007] EWCA Civ 238, Times 13-Apr-2007




Arbitration Act 1996 1


England and Wales


Appeal fromStretford v Football Association Ltd and Another ChD 17-Mar-2006
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Contract, Human Rights, Arbitration

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