Stanford International Bank Ltd, Re: CA 25 Feb 2010

Hughes LJ said: ‘it is essential that the duty of candour laid upon any applicant for an order without notice is fully understood and complied with. It is not limited to a duty not to misrepresent. It consists in a duty to consider what any other interested party would, if present, wish to advance by way of fact, or say in answer to the application, and to place that material before the judge. The duty applies to an applicant for a restraint order under POCA in exactly the same way as to any other applicant for an order without notice. Even in relatively small value cases, the potential of a restraint order to disrupt other commercial or personal dealings is considerable. The prosecutor may believe that the defendant is a criminal, and he may turn out to be right, but that is yet to be proved. An application for a restraint order is emphatically not a routine matter of form, with the expectation that it would be routinely granted. The fact that the initial application is likely to be forced into a busy list, with very limited time for the judge to deal with it, is yet further reason for the obligation of disclosure to be taken very seriously. In effect, the prosecutor seeking an ex parte order must put on his defence hat and ask himself what, if he were representing the defendant or a third party with a relevant interest, he would be saying to the judge, and, having answered that question, that is what he must tell the judge.’
Sir Andrew Morritt Ch, Arden, Hughes LJJ
[2010] EWCA Civ 137, [2011] 1 Ch 33, [2010] Lloyds Rep FC 357, [2010] 3 WLR 941, [2010] BPIR 679, [2010] Bus LR 1270
Cross Border Insolvency Regulations 2006
England and Wales
Appeal fromIn re Stanford International Bank Ltd and Others ChD 3-Jul-2009
Sir Andrew Morritt explained the relationship of the Regulation, the Model Law, and the still earlier European Convention on Insolvency Proceedings: ‘To understand the arguments and explain my conclusion it is necessary to consider the evolution of . .
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Appeal fromStanford International Bank Ltd v Director of The Serious Fraud Office SC 15-Feb-2012
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CitedBarnes (As Former Court Appointed Receiver) v The Eastenders Group and Another SC 8-May-2014
Costs of Wrongly Appointed Receiver
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