Spliethoff’s Bevrachtingskantoor Bv v Bank of China Ltd: ComC 17 Apr 2015

Claims under refund guarantees
Carr J DBE said: ‘The legal requirements of an estoppel by representation of fact are well known: (i) a representation which is in law deemed a representation of fact, (ii) that the precise representation was in fact made, (iii) that the later position taken contradicts in substance the original representation, (iv) that the original representation was of a nature to induce and was made with the intention and result of inducing the party raising the estoppel to alter his position on the faith of it and to his detriment, and (v) that the original representation was made by the party sought to be estopped and was made to the party setting up the estoppels (see for example Spencer Bower: The Law Relating to Estoppel by Representation (4th Ed 2004 at paragraph 1.2.3). The representation must be clear or unequivocal, or precise and unambiguous (see Chitty: Contracts (31st Ed) (‘Chitty’) at paragraph 3-090).’
Carr J DBE
[2015] EWHC 999 (Comm), [2016] 1 All ER (Comm) 1034
England and Wales
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CitedJones and Another v Lydon and Others ChD 23-Aug-2021
No Estoppels Established to Override Majority
The parties were former members of a band, the Sex Pistols. They disputed the continued duty to accept the decision of the majority of its members as set out in a Band Membership Agreement. Mr Lydon asserted that over the years the obligation had . .

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