Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd v Customs and Excise: ChD 27 Jul 2005

The appellants had imported Playstation computer games. They appealed refusal of a rebate of 50 million euros paid in VAT before a reclassification of the equipment so as to make it exempt from VAT.
Held: ‘The effect of the annulment of a Community act under Articles 230 and 231 EC Treaty is to render that act void ab initio, and Sony must be placed in the situation it would have been in, had the annulled Community act not been adopted.’ the tribunal had erred in law. However, if the revocation decision was a separate decision, not dependent on the Regulation for its validity, then an annulled Regulation which produces no effects in Community law cannot be used to strike it down. The revocation decision was made before the Regulation came into force. The Regulation was not a legal basis for the separate revocation decision, as such. Sony sought to have the issue referred to the ECJ. The Chancery Division is unable to make such a reference itself since a further appeal was available. The issue also was essentially one of fact and as such not capable of reference.
Collins J
[2005] EWHC 1644 (Ch), [2003] ECR II-418
England and Wales
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