Sir William Gordon, Bart Alexander Gordon of Ardoch, Esq and Others, Tenants of Ardoch v Jane Mackenzie, Widow of John Urquhart of Newhall, Esq: HL 6 Feb 1736

Personal and real – Discharge – A widow being infeft for her jointure in certain lands, agreed with the son to accept a restricted sum out of other lands, which being afterwards sequestrated by his creditors, she brought an action against the purchaser and tenants of the first estate for her jointure and bygones;-the claim was sustained.
The purchaser having acquired right to a wadset of the lands, in consideration of which he had reserved a part of the price,-found that the wadset, though prior in date, did not stand in the way of the claim.

[1736] UKHL 1 – Paton – 176, (1736) 1 Paton 176


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