Senior Engineering Investments BV v Staatssecretaris van Financien: ECJ 12 Jan 2006

ECJ Directive 69/335 – Indirect taxes on the raising of capital – National rules taxing a (subsidiary) company by way of capital duty in respect of a contribution made by its parent company (the grandparent company) in favour of its subsidiary (a sub-subsidiary company) – Capital duty – Increase of capital – Payment ‘to the share premium account’ – Increase in the assets of the company – Increase in the value of shares – Provision of services by a member – Payment made by a member of a member – Payment to a subsidiary – ‘Real recipient’ – Levying of capital duty once only (in the Community) – Article 52 of the EC Treaty (now, after amendment, Article 43 EC) – Freedom of establishment – National practice exempting a (subsidiary) capital company from taxation only if its subsidiary (sub-subsidiary company) is also established in that Member State)


[2007] STC 93, [2006] ECR I-525, [2006] EUECJ C-494/03, [2006] STI 201





Taxes – Other, Company

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