Secretary of State for Justice v Slee (2): Admn 22 Jan 2010

The claimant had been unfairly dismissed from her position as justices’ clerk. After appeal her additional claims for retirement and other compensation under the 1978 Regulations had been remitted to the Employment tribunal which had reconsidered and acceded to the claim. The Secretary of State appealed, saying that the Tribunal had failed properly to apply Regulations 3(1)(b) and 12(1).
Held: The appeal failed. The Tribunal’s judgement was open to some criticism, but there was no error of law. The claimant’s ’employment was wholly or predominantly devoted to providing such assistance to the holder of the office of justices’ clerk in the performance of the duties of that office so as to entitle her to claim under the Crombie regulations.’
Silber J did not agree with the Tribunal on the use of regulation 7 to construe the expression ‘suitable employment’ in regulation 12: ‘I am unable to derive any assistance from this provision when construing regulation 12 because the opening words of regulation 7(2) explain that its definition of ’employment deemed to be suitable’ is only relevant ‘for the purposes of paragraph (1)(f)(ii)’. Clearly if the draftsman of the Crombie regulations had intended that the provision in regulation 7(2) should be relevant for the understanding and interpretation of the word ‘suitable’ in other provisions such as regulation 12(1) (c) or indeed for any other purpose, it would have been expressly stated or at least it would not have limited its use for the purposes of only paragraph 1(f) (ii).’
Silber J
[2010] EWHC 73 (Admin)
Justices of the Peace Act 1949 (Compensation) Regulations 1978 3(1)(b) 12(1)
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